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Working with a freelance web designer in Boise has many benefits, such as lower pricing, a one-on-one relationship, and flexible negotiations. It is not our intention to taint the role of the freelancer in comparison to the web design agency. However, just like solo entrepreneurship, the freelancer faces many challenges and has limited resources to produce the same quality of work as a team. Below are more ample reasons you should work with our web developers in Boise ID, if you want faster and better services at reasonable fees.

Benefits of a web design agency in comparison to the freelancer


A significant difference between agencies and freelancers is their attitude to work. Clients can expect that a formal agency will work at all business hours, whereas a freelancer can attend to their needs at any time. We put a lot of effort and time into our projects and have a systemic process of tackling all stages. Our sense of accountability is fundamental to business success by ensuring all clients are satisfied without services.


It will take twice or more for the freelancer to complete a full-stack development project, whereas an agency will assign different parts to fasten delivery. It would take the freelancer even more time to insert written context, customize a log and strategize online branding. We have an arsenal of web designers and developers who can split the project into manageable pieces to reduce your business’s downtime.

Well-rounded expertise

The freelance designer is likely to offer you fundamental web design skills without knowing how to promote the business. An instance is creating a remarkable landing page but will probably not include SEO or optimize the site for mobile responsiveness.

We are versed with different Boise web design software and tools to improve your overall performance. Our knowledge is not limited to design and can set your business up for better and faster success. The full potential of a website design agency will result in more traffic and conversions, which will eventually allow you to abscond marketing fees.

Long-term support

Web design and development is not a one-time project. The Internet will always have better technology and therefore needs constant support to keep up with the evolution. For this reason, our web design company offers long-term support from the sales and technical team, hence giving you complementary support to expand your business.

Higher ROI

More often than not, Freelance designers will create websites that look good but do not attract enough sales or generate leads. However, our web designers in Boise ID understand that the website is the portal to other dimensions worldwide and structure it to attract potential clients and give you an endearing audience in your target geographical area.

Idaho Style is a trusted web design and development and branding agency, social media management, reputation management, and SEO services. We deliver the best for all kinds of clients and continue to offer long-term services to hundreds of previous clients. Start your project today by submitting your project planner for further analysis.

Freelance Web Designer Boise

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