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Scammer Ninja Admin

Jubilee RV is a sales company that sells RV’s and Park Models. You may find their team fairly easy to deal with until something goes wrong. If you are unlucky enough to get a lemon from this company then our prediction is on you regretting your choice to hire them. They have been known not to provide after sale support in a reasonable time frame and do not necessarily ensure that manufacturers deliver as promised.

We suggest that the consumer is at a disadvantage with the Jubilee RV business model because when there is a problem, they may point the finger at the manufacturer or they may say nothing at all because Jubilee is not incentivized to do so after being paid in full already. The manufacturer may say, your contract is with Jubilee RV and that your remedy needs to be found through Jubilee or says nothing at all because they are not incentivized to do so after being paid in full months before delivery.

The consumer can be left fighting for months and losing out on the use of their paid in full recreational vehicle and there is no compensation for the time, effort and energy required to get what you paid for in the event of an issue. Users report frustration and end up fixing deficiencies on their own instead of making dozens of calls and emails to get what you paid for.

Jubilee RV Center reputation management team works hard to keep their review score high! We support businesses who toot their own horns, we just wish that they would back it up when push comes to shove. If you want a reputation of five stars, then don’t screw over clients who came to you in good faith and paid in full in advance.

Overall buying from this sales company is a risk and respectfully, should be avoided in our opinion. Thumbs down to the management at Jubilee RV as they simply may not get the job done when something goes wrong. You may be stuck making payments on a massive paperweight while Jubilee RV points the fingers at manufactures and does nothing. Some clients have been with out a resolution for many months and even years after paying in full.

Friendly sales team eager to take your deposits and payments
Friendly business office team working long hours to get deals done
Sales Tax free purchases are supported for buyers with status

Potential for very little after the sale support for lemons
Verified Reports of Inaction for Warranty & Set up Issues
Their General Manager gets a thumbs down from us

*Scammer Ninja does not recommend Jubilee RV and discloses a previous client/supplier relationship with them

**Scammer Ninja has verified one user getting delivered a park model missing kitchen cabinets with no resolution

***Scammer Ninja has verified two users getting stuck with additional costs for installation with no resolution

****Scammer Ninja has verified one user who signed a contract and paid a deposit and then had their deal changed.

Surprise! Deal change on a signed contract with $35000 deposit. Caveat Emptor!

Rated 1.0 out of 5

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In the fall of 2015 we signed a sales contract with Jubilee to place on our lot in Scotch Creek. The Jubilee salesman came out to our lot, took pictures of our 2003 Cedar Creek 34’ fifth wheel to be a trade. They offered $10K and we accepted. We signed our contract with this included and additionally gave them $35K cash as a down payment. Two days before delivery we got a call from Jubilee saying the trade-in was no longer part of the contract. We stopped the deal & requested our down payment to be refunded. It took Jubilee a full 3 weeks and repeated calls from us. The sales manager seemed incredulous we would back out over $10K. We ended up purchasing a newer better model from Bucars in Calgary.

Jubilee was dishonest and would not stand behind an agreed sales contract. Crooks is probably a better word for what they are.

Tom Wharton

N.O.'s Jubilee RV Review

Rated 1.0 out of 5

We had the misfortune of trusting Jubilee Rv with the purchase of our park model for the lake. After researching online and finding so many positive reviews, we figured if all these other customers are happy, they should be reliable and ethical? We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Our troubles started after paying in full for the park model. The delivery was delayed several times for various reasons and in the interest of fairness and covid era consumer expectations, this was ok. I would have still given a five star review at this time. The communication was good and the delays were only a number of weeks.

The real problems started to be evident on delivery. Normally, the park model manufacturer has their own setup team but for whatever reason Jubilee was doing the set up for the two deliveries that day in the RV park. The careless set up team failed to check the park model for points of conflict with the blocking plan. So the propane intake pipe was damaged {pictures below} when the park model was lowered carefully by a crane onto blocks and the intake pipe was squished with the blocks in the wrong place.

Reg the contracted set up guy, assured me it was cosmetic only and the gasfitters could easily connect the propane. Little did we know, It took several hours to get the pipe removed because of access issues with this pipe half under the trailer and half in the trailer inside a tiny enclosed space. A tall slender gas tech hung upside-down in this tiny space trying any way to remove the stripped screws and get the pipe off for repair. The unit was beyond repair in the field and a senior gas tech fabricated a pipe and bracket to allow for a safe propane connection.

Jubilee has refused to pay for this cost claiming that propane set up is the cost of the customer. I don’t have a problem paying for setup, but this was repairing damage from the failed blocking plan and not the connection from the propane tank to the intake pipe. My total gas bill was roughly $1400 and $700+ of it was fixing Jubilee’s contracted set up team negligence. {RC, the former manager of Jubilee park models agreed in writing to pay some of this cost, but the current manager TA has refused}

Once we got inside the unit, we noticed it was delivered with missing kitchen cabinets and the wall looks “missing something”. Every person who comes and visits asks if we are finishing the kitchen cabinets. You can see in the images below for the PM-101 with a full row of cabinets are above the sink, but Jubilee decided to sell me a partially finished unit instead, at full price under the guise of being a PM-101 from the brochure.

The manufacturer and Jubilee did actually agree to install cabinets as a customer service gesture and I patiently waited months 9+ months for them to do so. As of today this, this has not been corrected and as such, in my opinion Jubilee RV is not a reputable dealer and does not run an ethical business. One notable, is that I wrote this review at roughly 15 months, so its hard to say if I had been more patient and waited perhaps 24 months or 36 months, they may very well have come around and added the cabinets. I will leave what a reasonable time frame for a customer to expect completion to be to the readers.

In fairness, as much as I despise the way I have been treated by Jubilee, they have made a few small efforts along the way. For example helping facilitate heat and air conditioning to finally be reliable with a new control board only ten+ months after delivery. They also came out and made several promises to me in person which was very re-assuring even though that turned out not to come to fruition. Jubilee helped facilitate a proper sealing under the trailer after being delivered half finished and receiving several complaints from me about access for rodents, insects and weather. And, Jubilee helped us get a fireplace, that was not delivered initially even though it was in the brochure and was promised by the sales team during the purchase process. We report only a dozen or so ignored emails and half dozen ignored telephone calls before we went to the Better Business Bureau looking for help to prompt these snail-paced and underwhelming helpful actions.

Other notable issues that have been fixed at our cost include, the shower stall which was leaking on two sides and forming black mold after only a few weeks of use. We had to hire a contractor for several hundred dollars to remove the shower doors and remove the caulking, fix and re-caulk. In fairness, they may have fixed this if I was willing to wait 12 or 24 months for the repairs but I chose to write this review.

Our washer ran out of warranty while we waited for heating and air conditioning and then turned out to be dead on arrival and doesnt drain or spin. Jubilee RV has not stepped up to help with that $2000+ cost either. {the actual cost will be lower once we pay to fix and then sell the broken appliance – add back $100 {est $500 repair and $100 fuel and sale price of $700}

Our pipes broke during the winter and we had to pay to have a plumber come out and troubleshoot and fix the mess that the set up team made. They put the sensor to the heat trace in a spot that was not going to turn on the heat trace soon enough and plumbed it in a way that was not secure. But, I have an email from TA with him confirming he is going to look into the whether the heat trace was set up properly after the team had failed so miserably on the other tasks. That email never came. It should be noted that there are messages everywhere in the buying process about heat trace installations and Jubilee not having responsibility for plumbing, they help install as a courtesy with out liability. But TA, did send an email saying he would look into it because of the track record of “Reg” and didn’t bother getting back to me, and then the pipes froze.

Hiring Jubilee RV cost us a year of use on our park model and many thousands of dollars in repair work, replacement of appliances, installation of missing cabinets and lost revenue from potential rentals after paying-in-full with out negotiation for a PM-101 Park Model spring of 2021.

So I leave the decision up to you whether you roll the dice on this, in my opinion, shady company called Jubilee Rv Center and Jubilee Park Models.


Response from Scammer Ninja

This review is the personal experience of N.O. who is also an administrator at Scammer.ninja. Take all with a grain of salt!

Scammer Ninja recommends that the industry starts to include hold backs so that sales companies and manufacturers are incentivized to complete the project after being paid.

Lyle B

Rated 1.0 out of 5

If I could give 0 stars based on my experience this far, this place has earned it.

Sales was fine and accommodating, but you better hope you don’t buy a lemon. The lemon part is where my story begins.

Bought a 2020 Forrest River EVO on May 30th 2020. Loved the layout. The paperwork took a bit longer than expected so we came back next business day to finalize and do our walk through. I can’t blame Jubilee for the weather that day, but it was a down pour. We step inside our beautiful new trailer and there is a puddle of water on the floor. We chalked it up to washing it with the slide out. Then we get a demo on the slide and it won’t come in. Not being able to tow it and it needing obvious attention we left to come back when they worked out the kinks. That was our biggest mistake and something we kick ourselves for daily, now owning a $60, 000 peice of shit that they will take back, but not at the price we paid of course.

Anyway we take our unit out excited to use this beautiful trailer. We are into day two and notice again a large puddle. A quick run of any tap revealed the water pump spraying water. So we bring the unit back and are told the factory failed to intall a seal on the pump. The base cabinets now require replacement. Arrangements are made to repair it later in the year, but otherwise the unit is good to go.

Second trip out the slide won’t work. So we bring the unit in again and now the realize it’s not a fuse. The explanation is the gears were put in wrong in the factory. Bottom on top and top on bottom. But it’s good to go again as we swapped the gears.

We get the call to bring the unit in for warranty cabinet replacement. So we bring it in and whIle it was there the unit was damaged. Jubilee refused to take accountability and said it was vandilized. We ask what happened and we can’t get an explanation, only that it was vandalized and it was not their fault. So I ask for the police file number for insurance. You would think something vandalized would have been reported. Nope, not reported, no file number and low and behold their security cameras don’t pick up the area.

Now understandably frustrated that our trailer is damaged we are happy to have it back. We took it out father’s day weekend 2021. Now if you do the math this is only trip #3. We enjoy our weekend and get ready to leave and the slide will not fully retract.

Over to Jubilee it goes again. This time the explanation is the entire slide motor assembly needs to be replaced. This took months. While there our trailer was broken into and items stolen. Again, Jubilee is not responsible.

We got our unit back in October for Thanksgiving weekend. We took it out twice after getting it back. It is now April 2022 and my wife and I went for our first trip. We got home and went to put the slide out to clean out or unit after the weekend. Slide is fucked again and now won’t come out.

This has been near 2 years with this trailer. Not a payment missed. In that 2 years our trailer has spent no less than 10 months in their yard for repairs. Our actual time we could spend in our unit has been approximately 4 months when we shut it down like every Canadian does for winter. We are quite fearful we have a $60,000 never never plan brick in our driveway.

I won’t slander this company and tell anyone to stay away. However I really think people need honest reviews of dealings with them and not the edited crap you find on their website. Please share this review if you choose, it is at least an honest account of dealings with them and might prevent them from making the same mistake we did.

Lyle B.

Darren Z

Rated 1.0 out of 5

If I could give no stars I would.

I’m deeply offended by their sales negotiations!

I spoke to a nice sales person and even had her confirm that the online price for a trailer was correct. Signed an agreement to purchase and placed a $2000 deposit.

Only to get a call back that the sales manager wouldn’t sell it for that price! That was last weekend’s sale price! WHAT THE…??? One week shouldn’t make a difference!

Run! Don’t walk from Jubilee.

Darren Z.

Mark S - Jubilee RV Fail

Rated 1.0 out of 5

I contacted jubilee for an insurance claim to replace an awning on my trailer. Due to either the incompetence or laziness of the service manager it took them just shy of a month to get me my trailer back.

After a week and a half I contacted them not having heard anything and was told by the service manager that the insurance company has not approved the claim yet. I immediately contacted insurance to get this rectified but they informed me that it was approved.I informed the service manager it has been approved, he agreed that it was sorted out and would order the parts that afternoon. A week later I contacted him again and was again told they had done nothing in two and a half weeks because insurance had not approved the claim. I had to get the insurance company to phone the service manager directly and then i phoned him every day to make sure he was doing his job until I picked up my trailer more than a week later.

Even if there was a mix up with the insurance company the service manager seemed like he would rather let my trailer rot on their lot than make a phone call to the insurance company until I forced him to. all of this cost me using my trailer on labour day weekend and more than enough frustration.

I will never use jubilee rv ever again!

Mark S.

Lacey K - Jubilee RV Fail

Rated 1.0 out of 5

Salesman pushing and rude. Willing to tell lies to get the sale. Trailer we bought price dropped by $3000, two weeks after we bought. No composition was giving. Wont be buying from them again. 🙁

Lacey K.


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Jubilee RV Centre was established in 1991 by Bill & Sheryal Poole. Starting as a small RV rental business they rapidly have grown to become a premier RV dealership servicing all of the British Columbia/Alberta area. Jubilee RV has prided themselves by becoming the best RV customer service centre in the interior. Over the years, they have grown in their current location. They now offer a fully stocked parts department, qualified service centre, finance department, and a sales showroom for all your conveniences.

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