Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers

Material handling equipment manufacturers that can deliver quality products on time every time are becoming a crucial part of the supply chain. Meeting demand through automation and efficiency is increasingly crucial and CASI is here to help.

Eliminating Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Manufacturers and logistics companies were already modernizing before the pandemic. Since 2020, the pressure to increase efficiency has increased dramatically.

Increased demand across every industry followed by a tight labor market and higher pay means that automation and improvements in equipment are increasingly necessary. Of those surveyed, 67 percent of managers claimed to be under an extraordinary amount of pressure to become more efficient.

With productivity at all-time highs, these gains come from improvements in materials handling equipment as much as from training. The days of an entirely manual labor force are over.


The pressure to modernize, if not felt during globalization, is increasing due to onshoring and near-shoring the process of moving supply chains to friendlier countries closer to home. The number of manufacturers bringing jobs to the United States is increasing.

States with existing supply chains such as Arizona, Missouri, and Texas saw gross domestic product increase by over ten billion dollars in this sector since 2011. That is a per-state increase in revenue.

Reliable Materials Handling Partner

A quality partner can improve your factory or warehouse’s ability to produce. From software to conveyor systems, there are many ways to create a solution that increases output while reducing the burden placed on labor.

CASI, based in Frisco, Texas, is an award-winning company that follows some of the strictest quality standards in the industry. We won the Fanuc Top Robotics Integrator and Innovation Award for the past three years, testing all systems at our 186,000-square-foot headquarters.

Materials Handling Systems Built from the Ground Up

Not every warehouse and factory is equal. Space constraints, package sizes, and special requirements make every customer unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

You need a solution that fits your needs. CASI works with clients to design materials handling systems using more cost-effective modular components. Our patented all-in-one machinery is a versatile answer to a complex problem.

What if my materials are large or oddly shaped?

You may think that all-in-one machinery, as opposed to all-in-one systems, is too rigid for edge cases but that is not always true. Equipment such as our right-sizing box packer ensures a perfect or nearly perfect fit every time.

Whether your items are oblong or large, our system is able to determine the right amount of packaging required to secure products for transit. We work hard to ensure that every machine can fulfill your needs.

Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers

There is no reason you should avoid modernization. With increasing pressure to perform, material handling equipment manufacturers bring the automation and efficiencies you need.

CASI offers quality solutions for almost every factory and warehouse. Find out how our commitment to quality can help you succeed. Get in touch with our manufacturing professionals today.

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Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers

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