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Scammer Ninja Admin

Radec Group is a townhome, modular home and park model manufacturer. Typically, they use a sales company as a middleman to pass off liability. Your contract is with the sales company, so Radec is under very little obligation to do anything should something go wrong with your initial delivery.

The challenges with using this company come into play when something goes wrong. Users report a combination of build quality issues and poor follow through after the sale.


The units have nice features and the design is contemporary and pleasing to the eye. This company could easily be four stars if it had its own sales company and stood behind its products. Maybe they need to raise their prices to give the service level that customers expect.


Owner is overworked and grumpy and it can take many months for warranty repairs even on critical infrastructure like heat pumps and air conditioning. Users report build quality issues that sometimes never get addressed within the warranty period or ever. New home customers report delays, unpaid vendors and lack of follow through to complete fencing, storage rooms and hvac systems. Employees complain online about how poorly they are treated by the owner as well. Scammer Ninja Admin suggests that Joe takes a vacation and stands behind his products.

*Scammer Ninja Admin does not recommend Radec Group and discloses a previous client/supplier relationship with them.

Best To Look Elsewhere! Niks Review

Rated 2.0 out of 5

Buying from this company has some challenges because they use a sales company as a middleman to pass off liability to. The sales company promises you one thing and Radec delivers another. The owner works too much and is always in a bad mood and it shows in the delivery of his messages and lack of follow through.

We bought a PM-101 from a sales team they sent us to. Sadly, the unit that was delivered had a plethora of issues. The follow through to be made whole has been an uphill battle and we have basically given up.

Here is a list of issues from our park model paid for in May 2021 and delivered July 2021.

The park model was delivered with out heat or air conditioning and it took ten months to get reliable HVAC costing us an entire season of use. The area that we are in rents out for $1500 a week during the summer, so this represents an opportunity cost worthy of mention to us.

The park model had no working appliances except the fridge and more than one year later we still have no working washing machine. The access to the area is so poor that you need to disconnect the propane to get behind the washer / dryer.

The park model was purchased from a catalogue with pictures of the kitchen showing complete cabinets in all the normal areas of the wall above the sink. However, somehow Radec shipped us a unit that was missing some cabinets and everytime we have guests over the first thing they say is “Are you going to get some cabinets to finish that wall?”

Radec agreed to replace them, and I provided coded access and a fob to get into the gated community 24 hours a day but thirteen months after purchase this still has not been rectified.

The build quality is hit and miss with some very nice design choices like 10 foot ceilings and a solid truss underbody and some ever increasing issues.

The issues include floor boards that have sink spots, broken drawers and water leaking in the shower. The exterior lighting was installed with no extra wire so swapping out the halogens for LED’s was quite a feat for an experienced electrician. The pot lights are nice inside but one stopped working and now we have to replace all the 12 lights or have one that doesn’t match.

The exterior of the park model is decent but only has 1 electric outlet, first world problems solved by a few hundred bucks and I got three more installed by an electrician.

So to recap, we were sold a PM-101 from a catalogue and delivered something with missing kitchen cabinets. The unit was unusable for nearly a year because it didnt have a reliable HVAC system. We are also stuck with several smaller issues that will cost about $2000 to fix professionally even though the unit only has a few weeks of use.

As a business owner myself, I do see some of the challenges that the owner of Radec faces dealing with picky park model customers. . Somehow along the way we have been made to feel like we are being unreasonable for wanting what we paid for to look and perform as expected.

We have yet to made whole from this transaction and caution others about the dangers of dealing this firm that I am rating two stars respectively. They have a nice product but the sales team is a huge let down, the contracted set up team (which did our installation) is incompetent and you may be paying for a unit that you cannot use for more than a year with out an apology.

The industry needs hold backs so that builders are incentivized after the payment to finish the installation and make sure the unit is in working condition with full kitchen cabinets. No one wants a kitchen with partially finished cabinetry after paying full price for the park model.

*We also lost out on the washer and dryer and had to replace at our own cost because the warranty ran out while we waited for reliable heat and air conditioning.

N O.

Ron S - Radec

Rated 1.0 out of 5

This company is a nightmare. Couldn’t keep a schedule if their lives depended on it! Don’t pay the subtrades. The President is abusive, which explains the reviews by former staff. Be very, very, careful dealing with Radec. There are far better companies with far better reputations to deal with.

Ron S

Jo S.

Rated 1.0 out of 5

All talk and no action. Follow up was very slow, try to talk to someone and then they avoid you. Mistakes were made and repairs take persistence to even get small things done. The project manager promised us the fixes would be done when we bought, she left, and apparently all our problems are not Radec’s problems any more but ours. Buyer beware.

Jo S.

Jon D.

Rated 1.0 out of 5

Stay away from this company and others that they own..Tundra Windows. The owner is an abusive individual, doesn’t pay contractors, fires employees that stand up to him, and is essentially a bully.

Jon D.


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About Company

Radec Group offers professional construction and project management services that seek to maximize quality, schedule and your bottom-line. With an emphasis on accountability and efficiency, Radec Group works with each client to establish objectives, scope, budget, and schedule. We build a skilled construction team to optimize efficiency and quality. Our fast-track scheduling provides cost effective solutions to maximize your dollar without ever compromising quality. We’re motivated to do better than merely achieve goals; we want to surpass them. Radec Group brings dedication and owner-oriented strategies to guarantee maximum value for your dollar. As part of our owner-oriented approach, Radec Group works closely with you to define your objectives, establish budget and schedule, and identify risks before they arise. We work with you to ensure that all aspects of the design deliver functionality and value, and coordinate with regulatory authorities and sub-contractors to ensure a streamlined construction process.

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